Christmas and Theophany Services

Christmas is coming… and so is Theophany! Since our custom is for the priest to take a bit of “time off” after Christmas (consisting largely of not doing Wednesday services), and Christmas is slightly different, here’s the list of services coming up:

  • Dec 24, 6:00pm: Christmas Eve Vigil (usually a bit over two hours long)
  • Dec 25, 9:00am: Christmas Liturgy (starting at 9am sharp, no Hours; usually about an hour-and-a-half, followed by a Christmas feast for any who can stay)
  • Dec 28: NO Compline!
  • Dec 31, 6:00pm: Great Vespers (as usual)
  • Jan 1, 9:00am: Hours and Liturgy of St. Basil the Great
  • Jan 4: NO Compline!
  • Jan 5, 6:30pm: Vesperal Liturgy and Great Blessing of Waters (indoor) for Theophany
  • Jan 7, 6:00pm: Great Vespers
  • Jan 8, 9:00am: Hours and Liturgy, followed by the Great Blessing of the Waters (outdoor)

And, speaking of theĀ Great Blessing of the Waters, here’s a short piece that Mike McCardell did when he happened to run across us blessing the waters at Kits Beach in 2012:

Finally, calendars are here! Many thanks to Zane, of Ancient Burials, for providing them for us (in a wonderfully timely manner) this year!

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