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We Need a New Building!

The parishioners of St. John of Shanghai and St. Nina of Georgia Orthodox Church are actively searching for a new church building to rent in the Vancouver/Burnaby area. Any ideas? Contact the Chair of the Building Search Committee, Bob Gobert, at… Read on

A Non-Binary Orthodox Understanding of Gender

An argument could be made that I’m actually arguing for a more thoroughly binary understanding of gender here, just increasing the complexity of the application of that binary in orders of magnitude measured in powers of two.… Read on

Love your enemies

Live-streaming Liturgy

During this pandemic attendance at Divine Liturgy is by prior arrangement only (please contact us by e-mail if you want to be added to the roster) and only in smaller groups, so we are also live-streaming the liturgy.… Read on

Peter’s Failure – and Ours

Thoughts on St. Peter’s failure – and ours – offered following the reading of the Twelve Passion Gospels… Read on