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Recent Posts

Translating the Tradition: The Way of the Cross

Before listening to today’s sermon, you might want to watch the original Karate Kid…

Translating the Tradition: The Pharisee and the Dragon

In which we look at what the story of the Pharisee and the Tax-Collector, plus portions of a couple of slightly less well-known stories, have to teach us about not judging and repentance (in preparation for Great Lent)

Translating the Tradition: Christ Is Born!

A brief summary of the eight Christmas readings from the Old Testament

Translating the Tradition: God Loves Losers

Fortunately for most of us… 🙂

Translating the Tradition: Glorifying God with Thanksgiving

In which we see, in the stories of the thankful leper and of faithful Joiachim and Anna, how thanksgiving and faithful obedience glorify God and reveal His goodness and love

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