The Nativity is when God Himself revealed the hidden greatness of the small and the ordinary.

Make no mistake, though… It was revealed to us in retrospect as we revealed our race – the human race – to be Christ-killers. It seems there was no other way to get our attention, so God, being rich in mercy, Himself undertook it, beginning with the smallest and humblest possible beginning: His own birth. And ending with the greatest possible calamity: His own death.

But, of course, that’s not the end… Pascha is coming.

Site Clean-up

Just a quick note to draw attention to the fact that this site has finally gotten some much-needed love, thanks in part to our wonderful web-designer Tom Froese, and to knowledge gained from my amazing co-workers in my “secular” job, Joe and Kyler. Thank you, Tom, Kyler, and Joe! The most notable change is the addition of our church Bookstore page, which was there before, but which is now properly labelled!