Nativity – and icon – of the Theotokos

Christ is in our midst!

Two upcoming service notes… One a reminder and the other unexpected news…

First, the reminder: Tomorrow evening (Wed., Sept. 7th) at 7pm we will celebrate the Nativity of the Theotokos with a Vesperal Liturgy, as planned. As usual, please come fasting from about noon on if you are intending to receive communion.

Second, the news: You have heard that the myrrh-streaming icon of the Theotokos is coming to Vancouver this weekend – to Holy Resurrection Sobor and to Holy Trinity Church. Well, the rector of Holy Trinity Church, Fr. Sergei, apparently spoke very highly of our little community to the bearer of the icon, and the myrrh-streaming icon is now also coming to St. John’s!

If all goes according to plan, the icon will arrive at St. John’s around noon on Saturday, perhaps a little later – so we will begin our prayers before the icon around 12:30 or so. I am astonished and humbled that the icon is being brought to us – a blessing unlooked for – we have much to learn about God’s grace…

For those interested in knowing more about the holy icon, its history is recorded here:

I would also like to note how welcoming and hospitable both Holy Resurrection and Holy Trinity Churches have been to us. The icon’s coming to our little mission may take away one material reason to visit our neighbours, but the love they have shown us in this should give us all the more reason to visit and further establish the spiritual bond of friendship between our parishes.

Love in Christ,

Fr. Justin.

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