Another ordination – and relics!

Along with the reminder of our intention to mostly be at Holy Resurrection Church on Saturday evening to celebrate their patronal feast with them at their 6pm Vigil service, I have more good news to share. At the Vigil at Holy Resurrection, our own Reader Aleksey Isakov will be made a subdeacon by Archbishop Seraphim! Archbishop Seraphim and Fr. Mikhail, knowing of our plans to be at Holy Resurrection, decided that the Vigil on Saturday evening would be the best time for this joyous event, so that we can witness the event and celebrate and pray with Reader Aleksey and his family.

And, as if that were not enough, God is also blessing us with the visit of the relics of St. Vladimir (the St. Vladimir!) at Holy Resurrection Church. I’m not sure (at this point) if they will be there that evening, but they will apparently be there on Sunday and the church will be open for the veneration of St. Vladimir’s relics all day, with an akathist to be served by Archbishop Seraphim at 6pm on Sunday. More information is available on the Holy Resurrection Church website, on St. Herman’s Spruce Island blog, and on the official Archdiocesan website.