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The Feast of the Dormition

My young daughter is trying to teach my youngest how to count. “There are two carrots.” My youngest: “Three carrots!” “No, two carrots. One, two.” My youngest, cheerfully and enthusiastically:… Read on

“Feast Means Joy”

As those who have been attending our Wednesday evening study of Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s For the Life of the World¬†already know, I was recently “blown away” by the section… Read on

400 Texts: The Conclusion

I am pleased and thankful to be able to report that, as of yesterday evening, we have finally finished our study of St. Maximos the Confessor’s Four Centuries on Love… Read on


I am particularly pleased to report (as your perennially calendrically challenged priest) that the 2016 church calendars are finally here (thanks to Dn. Peter and Matushka Sarah) and that the… Read on


The Nativity is when God Himself revealed the hidden greatness of the small and the ordinary. Make no mistake, though… It was revealed to us in retrospect as we revealed… Read on

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