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Christ Is Risen!

Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen! During this Paschal season, this is our continual greeting to one another, as common and as familiar to us as, “Hello! How are… Read on

The Calendars Are Here!

The 2014 church year calendars have finally arrived! My apologies for the delay… What with the busy-ness of the Christmas season and with moving (and moving further away from the… Read on

Christ is in our midst!

I loved this New York Times article that was recently shared with me by a fellow-priest – its deconstruction of the standard English greeting and reflection on how Russians respond… Read on

A Little More on Sloth

As you know, we refer to the sin of sloth (acedia) quite often during Great Lent, as it is one of the major sins we are wrestling with through all… Read on

Lent, the Great Canon, and the Race of Repentance

Anyone who has been around St. John’s for any length of time will have heard me quote my favourite Desert Father’s story – the one about the old, holy monk… Read on

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