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Translating the Tradition: The Way of the Cross

Jesus’ response to the way the world works – His ultimate antidote to the hold that the power-hungry, money-mad world-system has on us – is to teach us, His disciples, to embrace an entirely opposite way of life, the way that He died and lived: the way of the cross

Translating the Tradition: St. Gregory of Palamas

On this second Sunday of Great Lent, we celebrate and commemorate the Holy Gregory of Palamas

Translating the Tradition: Experiencing Christ in the Triumph of Orthodoxy

Come and see.

Translating the Tradition: On the Last Judgement

What we should do with this warning…

Translating the Tradition: Repenting with the Prodigal

We continue our preparation for Great Lent by considering the power of repentance, the importance of self-perception, and how we may repent with the prodigal son

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