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Translating the Tradition: Living Water, Old and New

The difference between occasional and continual presence is life-changing

Translating the Tradition: Continuing as a Christian in Times of Crisis

The myhrrbearing women and Joseph of Arimathea teach us how to continue as a follower of Jesus in time of crisis

Translating the Tradition: How the Christian Faith Deals with Doubt

Doubt is a natural part of the human experience. Christianity asks us to believe some really hard stuff. Here at the central moment of our Faith, Pascha, the Church sets aside the first Sunday after our celebration of Christ’s resurrection to deal with doubt openly, honestly, and head-on.… Read on

Translating the Tradition: A Tale of Two Marys

Or, how to say “Yes” to God at all times and in all circumstances

Translating the Tradition: The Way of the Cross

Jesus’ response to the way the world works – His ultimate antidote to the hold that the power-hungry, money-mad world-system has on us – is to teach us, His disciples, to embrace an entirely opposite way of life, the way that He died and lived: the way of the cross

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