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We Need a New Building!

The parishioners of St. John of Shanghai and St. Nina of Georgia Orthodox Church are actively searching for a new church building to rent in the Vancouver/Burnaby area. Any ideas? Contact the Chair of the Building Search Committee, Bob Gobert, at or Secretary, Ken Seigneurie, at

The Power of God Peeking Through

“All of creation is straining towards the Resurrection.”

Why We Repent (Unfinished Sermon)

This homily, while mostly complete, lacks a conclusion due to a medical incident that occurred just before the final point was finished.

The Prodigal’s Fast

In which the pre-Lenten Gospel readings continue reminding us, “Do not judge,” and “Fasting does not save you,” while presenting the prodigal son as an example of the role that fasting and discernment can play in our salvation.

Avoiding the Pharisee’s Echo Chamber

“The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself…”

The Beginning of the End (Feast of the Meeting)