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Translating the Tradition: Orthodox Evangelism in the Life of St. Nina

Reflections on how and why we spread the Gospel as seen in the life of our patron, St. Nina, Enlightener of Georgia, in honour of her feast-day

Translating the Tradition: About Baptism and Death

Baptism teaches us how (and why) to die.

Christ Is Born!

Everything is limited
Except God,
Except now God too
Has limited Himself.
Today the transcendent One
Is ultimately dependent, in His humanity
For food, for warmth, for shelter
Upon His mother.
As God, He continues to sustain the universe;
As one of us, He waits.
Hungry, He waits upon His mother
To awake.
Helpless, He waits upon His body
To mature.
Human, He waits upon His disciples
To be one,
That we, growing up into Him,
Knit together in love,
United by His Spirit,
May accomplish the work
That He waits to achieve in us, through us
His body.
And so He lies, waiting,
Hungry for the first time,
In a manger.
Embodied for all time
In us,
That we might be
His hands, His feet,
His glory.

Translating the Tradition: About Family

On this Sunday of the Forefathers, a few thoughts about family and the feast

Translating the Tradition: Whom Will You Bear?

Wordsworth and the fast remind us of the importance of persisting in holiness, like the Theotokos