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Being the Temple

What does it mean for us to be “the temple of the living God”?

Translating the Tradition: The Law of Love

Following Jesus Christ, there is only one way of life; there is only one way to live: that is the Way of Love, which is the Way of the Cross.

Translating the Tradition: The Exaltation of the Cross

In which we celebrate the ultimate triumph of the Way of the Cross over and within the very empire which had made the cross the ultimate symbol of its cruel power

Translating the Tradition: Shame, Guilt, Doubt, Faith, and Forgiveness

In which we identify – and identify with – the source of the unforgiving servant’s unforgivingness so that we may know better how to forgive

Translating the Tradition: Activism/Activity and the Heart of the Way

How do we engage in activism/activity without judgement? Mary shows us the way…

Jesus, Mary, Martha and Lazarus, St Botolph without Aldersgate - photo by Andrewrabbott